Artist, Illustrator and Designer.
Am Stephanie Nuñez, a nomad artist, and designer from Brooklyn New York. After losing both parents much sooner than expected, I decided to embark on a journey to heal my soul and discover art as it’s expressed across the world. I’ve spent the last 3 years traveling through Europe, Africa, and South America - and have met and worked with many incredible artists along the way. Drawing, Painting, and Illustrating have become a means to healing and expressing what I see.
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The Brainsparker App, Gulp! and Go eCourse is ideal for people who have a creative dream and want to make it happen – but are held back by fear and uncertainty. This eCourse will help you to step up to the challenge, face your fears and take action to make your dream come true.
Remote Year is ideal for people who are pursuing a lifestyle of adventure and growth. Saying “no” to the comfort zone is not just a phase, it’s the start of a new story, a new perspective, and connection to a community with similar values. It’s an experience that can be irrevocably life-changing. This program will introduce you to the world of work and travel.
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