Wishi caters to dynamic individuals—those constantly on the move, deeply engrossed in their busy lives, passionate about fashion, and in need of assistance. It's the solution for anyone who has ever yearned for a personal stylist. Leveraging their expertise and personalized analysis, Wishi guides you through the process of building a wardrobe from the ground up, offering insights on shopping smarter and revitalizing your existing closet treasures. With an acute understanding of which pieces will perfectly complement your style and make you feel extraordinary, Wishi stands ready to tackle any fashion challenge, ensuring you are always covered with their savvy styling solutions.
Deck Design​​​​​​​. Creating the Wishi Deck presentation was about distilling the essence of the platform into a visually compelling and concise narrative. Each slide was carefully crafted to showcase the user-friendly interface, the expertise of the stylists, and the unique benefits of Wishi. The presentation is not just a set of slides; it's a dynamic visual journey that communicates the innovation and style at the core of Wishi.
Guide Designs. One-Pager Guide was about distilling the platform's key features and benefits into a clear, concise document. It serves as a quick and user-friendly overview, highlighting Wishi's personalized styling, user benefits, and stylist expertise. The guide is a snapshot of the innovation and convenience that defines the Wishi experience for potential users and stakeholders.
E-Mail Footer​​​​​​​. Serves as a consistent visual signature across all emails, reinforcing brand recognition and professionalism. Every detail was carefully considered to enhance the overall user experience.
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