Dia & Co. stands as the forefront clothing and lifestyle brand for style in sizes 10-32. The brand provides a diverse array of fashion through the Dia Shop and delivers a unique and personalized shopping experience via the curated Dia Style Box subscription service. Through Dia & Co.'s personalized styling service, each customer is treated to carefully curated boxes of clothing selected to suit her body, budget, and lifestyle—all for the convenience of trying on in the comfort of her own home.
Brand & Rebrand Design. As the second design hire, I collaborated with the Head of Design to implement and create templates stemming from the redesign executed by Gin Lane. Maintaining brand guidelines and campaigns across all departments, I worked closely with both the Head of Design and the social departments to conceptualize campaigns, coordinate photoshoots, and facilitate engaging Facebook Lives. This collaborative effort ensured a cohesive visual identity and brand consistency across various platforms and departments.
Campaign and Pattern Design. I played a pivotal role in the strategic planning, creation, direction, and execution of impactful campaigns such as "Become A Style Icon," "Dia x FTF," "My Body First," and "Dia FB Live." This involved meticulous oversight to ensure adherence to brand and campaign guidelines across various social accounts and departments. Additionally, in Surface Design, I conducted thorough research, and conceptualized, and crafted repeat patterns for multiple campaigns, maintaining consistent elements across diverse marketing materials and social accounts. This dual focus on campaign strategy and pattern design showcases my versatility in delivering visually cohesive and engaging content.
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