HowAboutWe a versatile dual product, catering to both singles and couples with a unique approach to fostering connections. The concept revolves around finding a match through the dating site and sustaining the spark through the couples platform, which provides curated date recommendations. For couples, HowAboutWe introduced distinctive datebooks in five major cities, offering a subscription-based service that unveiled local gems at discounted prices. This innovative approach redefined the dating experience, seamlessly transitioning from matchmaking to ongoing relationship enrichment.
Product Design presented a unique challenge: revamping both the viewer's profile and the user profile page with persistent elements seamlessly spanning both ends of their accounts. These elements were strategically designed to maintain visibility across every page a user navigates. The emphasis was on conveying urgency when necessary, offering a convenient interface to take immediate action on crucial items without disrupting the overall user experience. Balancing urgency and seamless interaction was key to ensuring a cohesive and user-friendly design.
Mobile Design I undertook the challenge of presenting dates with visually engaging content and essential information to aid users in making informed decisions. The project involved creating a new mobile page to showcase potential mates while ensuring the retention of our image aspect ratios and existing date details. To refine the design, I explored several wireframe options, each carefully considered before progressing to the final visuals. This process was pivotal in achieving a mobile interface that seamlessly balanced aesthetic appeal with the necessary details for users navigating the dating platform.
Photography Editing & Workflow I collaborated closely with the marketing and photography teams to establish guidelines for creating original assets. This collaboration resulted in the production of compelling visuals for the neighborhood's standard date cards, ensuring a harmonious balance with our affiliates. The process aimed to streamline workflows and enhance the overall quality of photography, contributing to a cohesive and visually impactful representation across various platforms.
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