MakeSpace is a comprehensive storage solution crafted to eliminate the hassles of traditional self-storage. Streamline the process by reserving online, and a MakeSpace team member will deliver robust, commercial-grade plastic storage bins to your doorstep. After packing, our team picks up the bins, conducts a photo inventory, and securely stores them in our facility. Retrieving items is a breeze – just log into your account and schedule a delivery at your convenience. Experience the convenience of storage without the back-and-forth with MakeSpace.
Animation. I brought photography to life through the creation of engaging GIFs. Witness the playful energy in the variety of fun animations I've crafted, including the whimsical "monster box EAT ME." These GIFs capture moments of delight and inject a vibrant spirit into visual storytelling. Explore the dynamic world of my animated creations, where each frame tells a unique and captivating story.
Box Design. This project involved conceptualizing and crafting the original dimensions and ratios for the box. To ensure a thoughtful and strategic approach, I began by creating several wireframe options, and carefully exploring design possibilities before reaching the final visuals. In addition to the box itself, I conceptualized and developed the accompanying welcome booklet, a key element delivered with each box or bin. The primary focus throughout the design process was to convey a sense of ease, making the storage experience as effortless as possible and eliminating the need to travel to a storage facility.
Product Design. A venture into crafting a seamless user experience through thoughtful design. For the FAQ/Guarantee page, the goal was to deliver a clean layout that prioritized clarity while presenting all necessary information. The confirmation email design adhered to a simple and clean brand identity, ensuring a consistent and cohesive communication style. Additionally, I took on the task of redesigning the review section on the landing page, weaving in the eye-catching narrative developed on our social accounts to create a visually cohesive and engaging user journey.
Marketing Design. As a valuable member of the Marketing team, I specialize in crafting captivating narratives and eye-catching imagery. Actively involved in photoshoots, I've contributed to the development of efficient workflows and asset guidelines, ensuring narrative reinforcement and visual consistency. My focus on providing users with a seamless brand experience is evident in the creation of postcards for Affiliate promos and the development of diverse collateral, including PR material, business cards, thank-you cards, and gift cards. I bring creativity to life through photo editing for marketing materials and direct mailers, aligning visuals with our brand narrative. Notable projects include designing a distinctive costume for Ruby and creating patches for our drivers and warehouse staff.
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